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Welcome to The Nail & Beauty Garden ...

Sarah says a little about herself ...

My nail and beauty journey began in 2000 and over the years have worked in England, Spain and Ireland.  Since my initial training I have continued to update my skills and knowledge to ensure that every client has an individual service tailored to their needs and lifestyle. There is definitely not a "one size fits all" policy here.

Choosing a business name can often be difficult, but I settled on The Nail Garden as my trading name.  Firstly I love to see people's confidence bloom and grow when they have beautiful nails but I also have a love of gardening with my very own allotment plot!

I continually research the latest products and treatments to keep up to date.  I also follow The British Beauty Council to maintain best practice and keep current with beauty legislation.  I am qualified to advanced level in nails and to NVQ level 3 in beauty treatments.

In short I do my best to be the best and really look forward to welcoming you to the salon.  We're not cut price simply because we don't cut corners; with over 20 years full time salon experience I can assure you that you're in safe hands. 

... On a little side note I would like to add that nail services SHOULD NOT damage your nails, if they have then you're going to the wrong nail salon.  If applied and removed correctly then they will actually protect your nails underneath and make them stronger!  It's also a myth that nails should take a rest or be allowed to breathe.  They are dead keratinised cells, just like hair ... unless your hair was over processed you wouldn't give your hair a rest from hair colour would you?!  Nails are no different!

It's my mission to spread the gospel of healthy nails!  

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