Nimue Skin Technology

Whether you're looking for a one-off pampering facial or an ongoing treatment plan, Sarah will happily advise which facial is best for you.  


So why Nimue?  Simply put, we love it because it works!  

* Struggling with acne breakouts?  Talk to us, we have a solution.

* If your skin is looking tired and ageing, dry and lacklustre, you've considered injectables or your skin is just in need of some love talk to us first. 

*Problems with hyperpigmentation?  We have a product for you too.. 

Traditional skincare does not rejuvenate or change the skin making it lazy.  Have you ever started a new skincare range thinking it's great, but after only a while your skin needs more and more product to make it work?  Nimue is different - it works to a deeper cellular level effectively treating the signs of damage. Over time you need LESS products as essentially Nimue makes the skin work for itself ultimately creating a healthier skin through active rejuvenation. 

Nimue Therapeutic Facial Treatment (approx 50 minutes)

This facial is a great introduction to Nimue, a pampering and relaxing facial yet results orientated skin treatment with excellent results.  It's also great between courses of peels.  Includes all the essentials - cleanse, condition, enzyme exfoliation and prescriptive mask.  Finish with a heavenly 20 minute facial and neck massage - feel the stress slip away - moisturise and SPF. Go on you're worth it!                                                                                                                        £48                                                                                                                                               

Active Rejuvenation Facial Treatment (up to 70 minutes)

Nimue’s signature active rejuvenation treatment, utilising a blend of potent but gentle  alpha-hydroxy acids to deliver powerful results.  Improves breakouts,skin clarity, elasticity, collagen synthesis, radiance and luminosity. Cleanse, condition, enzyme exfoliation (no micro-beads), Bio-Active triple AHA peel, customised serum and mask, moisturise with hyaluronic acid gel and SPF.                                                     £58                                                                                                            

35% Glycolic Facial Treatment (up to 75 minutes)

An advanced deep exfoliation treatment to improve environmentally damaged, hyper-pigmented and problematic skins,  This glycolic peel treatment provides deep controlled exfoliation of the skin to improve texture working deep into the skin for maximum skin rejuvenation delivering superior results.    Cleanse, condition, enzyme exfoliation (no micro-beads), 35% glycolic peel, customised serum and mask, moisturise with hyaluronic acid gel and SPF.            £65                                                                                                                


Using a unique combination of active alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamins A, C and E Esters, alpha lipoic acid, salycilic acid and other potent support ingredients to clear, refine and renew the skin down to its deeper layers

Suitable for all skin classifications including

* environmentally damaged (ageing, dull, tired,dry, fine lines and wrinkles)

* problematic (acne, hormonal breakouts, oiliness, spotty, teen skin, blackheads,          pimples)

* hyperpigmented

* interactive skin (rosacea, sensitive, reactive)  

Before and after pictures of teen skin transformed after only 4 weeks of using Nimue products and no medications.  The only filter used is wonderful skin!
*Changes or performance may differ from person to person

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