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Frequently Asked Questions. 

Over the last 15 years I have heard all sorts of myths, old wives tales and misinformation about nails  Probably the two questions I am most asked are, "Nail services damage my nails don't they?", and "My nails need to breathe, right?"  So with this in mind I thought that a nail information section was warranted.


So let's begin ...

Nail Services Damage Your Nails Don't They?

Well the answer to that is yes they can - but NO they shouldn't!  

The two main causes for nail damage are improper nail plate preparation and improper removal.  Prep should be gentle, a nail plate should never be etched or roughed up which many cheap products used in cheap nail bars require for good product adhesion..  Only the surface shine should be removed with a buffer no stronger than a 240 grit.  This is to provide a grease free, clean surface to work on, reducing the problems of lifting and peeling (another big factor to potential nail damage) and is all that superior nail products require.  

The nail file should be held flat to the nail plate so that it will not etch into the nail plate causing what we term in the industry as "rings of fire".  These can be seen on nails from the cheap nail bars that foresake good practice for speed - but then as the saying goes you get what you pay for!

The other main cause of nail damage is inproper removal - usually clients picking the product off!  Removal should be gentle and should not be rushed; we always recommend you return to your nail professional to eliminate the damage potential.  

So to summarise, nail damage is possible but it isn't inevitable.  Because we maintain best practice, use the best products in the industry, don't cut corners, give you full after care advice which if adhered to we GUARANTEE ALL OUR NAIL SERVICES ARE DAMAGE FREE.

I Need to Give My Nails a Break To Let Them Breathe?

The answer to this is easy - NO!  Your nail plate is made up of dead keratanised cells and does not breathe at all.  It is fed from the nail bed below which gives the nail its pink colour.  The only time I have advised clients to stop having nail services is when they have continually picked off the product resulting in self inflicted nail damage (usually serial nail biters!)  

Why Are You More Expensive Than The "Express" Nail Bars?

When i first started in nails 15 years ago the average price for a full set was £45.  Since then the price has been driven down to around £25.  It doesn't make sense!  This has mainly been the result of people "doing nails" as a hobby, poeple with poor business acumen that are here today gone tomorrow, or cut price nail bars that are all about speed and little else.  All have their place in the market but if you'd like to come to a salon with staff that talk to you, offers you a drink, makes you feel valued and not on a conveyor belt. uses the highest quality products and working practices, has trained extensively to advanced level then you'll hopefully agree that our prices are incredibly good value for money!  


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