Natural Nail Boost Keratin Manicure


Naturally beautiful nails are more popular than ever but natural nails aren't always beautiful.


The NNB gel system - unique to LCN - acts as a protective shield protecting the natural nails so they can grow to be beautiful and strong.  Perfect for women (and men) that suffer from brittle, split weak or peeling nails - also for those that are not permitted to wear nail colour at work. 

We start with a consultation to discuss lifestyle, expectations and long term nail goals.  We then file and shape your nails and do cuticle work.  We apply 2 layers of NNB (it applies like a clear polish) which are cured under a UV lamp.  Finishing with an application of cuticle oil to condition your skin and nail matrix (the root of the nail) and finally giving after care to ensure you achieve the very best for your nails.

We've achieved excellent results with the NNB system so if you have problem nails then why not give it a try! We recommend daily use of our cuticle oil (£15) and monthly manicures to keep nails at their best.  

NNB Manicure (natural gloss finish)           £25

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