Hands Up Treatment Manicure

A reconditioning treatment for both skin & nails - perfect for hands that need some love and care.  File and shape, hydrating cuticle work, nail buff, skin exfoliation and relaxing hand massage using luxury Spa products from Templespa. Includes professional advice of your nail type & after care. 



Very popular treatment for men.  

Hands Up! Treatment (without polish) £25


Footsie!  Spa Pedicures

Soothe your tired tootsies and relax with this wonderful and very popular spa experience using sumptuous products from Q and Lu Spa products.  Starting with a warm soak feel the stress slip away, drift off to Mediterranean shores with the wonderful spa aromas.  

Feet are then exfoliated with Q&Lu Bamboo polish containing natural bamboo, volcanic ash, along with lavender and tea tree essential oils to eliminate dry skin, increase circulation and soften skin, which is then gently reduced with a foot file*.  Your soothed feet are then wrapped in a moisturising cream duvet followed by a heavenly foot massage with a soothing cream rich in natural extracts essential oils that help to cool down and leave skin feeling zingy.   Leave the salon walking on air.  Great for men and women.

Available without polish or fully upgrade to include gel polish .

Footsie Spa Pedi        £38 (up to 60 mins)  DOES NOT INCLUDE POLISH

Footsie + Gel Polish  £54  (up to 90 mins)

*Please note we gently reduce dead skin, we do not use credo blades or scalpels which only podiatrists / chiropodists are qualified and insured to use.

pedicured foot being massaged